Moncler Down stick Full breathable nylon fabric

Moncler Down Art was founded in 1952, the name comes from the abbreviation of Monestier de Clermont, which is Grenoble (Grenoble) of a nearby mountain village. Initially, Moncler produced only down sleeping bags, a single style thin hooded windbreaker and equipped with telescopic structure and cover tents, 1954 birth of the first pieces of a jacket was elected Italian explorer of ancient ruins of the Mongol Empire, Cheap Moncler jackets since open a world dominated down the pace.

Down is Moncler brand keywords, but also become its secret weapon. Duvet, specifically refers in French Perigord region in southern Brittany and feeding of waterfowl produced down – here the high quality of waterfowl breeding fluff. Moncler Down tons consumed every year, every jacket probably want to use 300 grams, only the finest, called “duvet neuf” or “four-flake down” the French-made feather,  which makes thermal performance apparel 85%, and extremely thin.

Moncler down using the fourth grade, created a unique fill factor, even down to the nearest filling amount per square centimeter. According to the different fabrics, different styles of clothing, each square centimeter of clothing filled duvets are available for follow precise mathematical proportion. Hot rolled fabric through the laundry to ensure breathability. The proportion of each part of the mix determines the clothes softness and insulation, Moncler adopted with 85 percent of the golden ratio, thermal insulation performance, soft light quality, a perfect example.
Classic cross-border Moncler climbers that provide professional outdoor sports equipment and well-known, not only is their favorite celebrities and movie stars during the winter holidays, Moncler down jackets it is also very suitable for wearing clothing boutique in the city life. Brand will be practical and lightweight, the necessity and elegance perfectly together, it opened up a new world of outdoor sports equipment.

Moncler down jacket concept for a new interpretation Moncler Outlet, making it an important part of the luxury fashion industry, but also launched a series of spring and summer. Today, Moncler always adhere to the products derived from natural, selected from goose feathers are breeding to follow the natural principles; adhere to the continuation of handpicked genuine feather habits.

Science and technology and nature, Moncler Jackets Outlet mountain and city, functionality and aesthetic innovation fusion Moncler down jacket is something that is so remarkable reason. Moncler show beyond fashion to create a truly personalized and elegance of classic cross-border.